General Practitioners

General Practitioners

We provide routine health care and assess and treat many different conditions, including illnesses and injuries, such as :

– Physical examination

– Common illness

– Observation

– Rehydration

– Wound care

– Nebulizer

– Drug test

– Rontgen thorax


We are handling vaccine for either personal or for those who wants to go or work abroad, especially in some countries as their regulations to enter the country.

Vaccines that we serve, are:

– Yellow Fever Vaccine (with certificate)

– Rabies Vaccine

– Typhoid Vaccine

– Varicella Vaccine

– Cervix Vaccine

– Hepatitis Vaccine

IV Vitamins Solutions

We are handling some IV (intra venous) vitamin to boost your energy and health too, such as :

– Vitamin C 1000mg

– Vitamin B

– B Complex vitamin

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